Home & School Assn

What is the “Home & School Association”?

The “Home & School “ is a committee of parents, caregivers and teachers of Rosebank school children whose aim is to encourage family involvement in the schools social and fundraising activities, thus benefiting every single child of the school. Our fundraising efforts provide important funding to the school and members have a say in how the funds are spent to best benefit our children and the school community.

Who can join?

All parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate in the “Home & School”. A committee is elected each year at the AGM. The committee is made up of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members. The “Home & School” is supported by the Principal and Teachers who also attend our meetings.

You are welcome to attend meetings at any stage of the year. Please come along when you can, we’d love to see you there! The “Home & School” meet once a month for approximately 1 hour. Dates and times are put in the Calendar of Events and also included in the newsletter. Most meetings are at 7pm on the 2nd Monday of the month. Input is invited from all families and an agenda is available before each meeting.

How can YOU help?

  • Become a member of the “Home & School”. We encourage each of you to show your commitment by coming along to the meetings.

  • Participate in the numerous events and activities that are planned throughout the year. Your participation might be as a committee member, volunteer, or merely as an attendee. Whatever level of participation you select, your time and involvement will certainly be appreciated.

  • Provide us with your comments, suggestions or ideas for potential “Home & School” initiatives. To facilitate this, please feel free to contact one of the “Home & School” members or bring it to our next “Home & School” meeting!

How does the “Home & School” raise their funds?

Some of the fundraising that has been organised by the “Home & School” previously includes:

Quiz Nights / Cultural Night Food Stall / Easter Raffle / School Fair / Christmas Raffle / Calendar Art / Disco / 2nd Hand Uniform Sales / Sausage Sizzles / Glad Wrap Sales

Projects funded by the Home & School Association

Some of the projects funded by the “Home & School” are school microphones, school camp contributions for each year group, sandpit cover & toys, Kapa Haka donation for uniforms, sports equipment across all classrooms, BBQ purchase, playground, robotics ... the list goes on.

What’s in it for you?

  • Get to know other parents

  • Build relationships with your child’s/children’s teacher

  • Meet people in your community

  • More fundraising = Less expenses for parents for school trips, visits etc

  • Having a say in the types of resources that are purchased for your child’s/children’s school and classroom environment

  • Your chance to make a difference to your child/children’s educational environment

  • Being a role mode to your child/children

  • Develop skills that can be used on your CV

Home & School Association Contacts:

President: Farina Shah Email: president@rosebankschool.co.nz

Secretary: Jackie Ollerenshaw / Nic Ryan Email: secretary@rosebankschool.co.nz

The Home & School Bank Account Number is 03-1734-0005147-00