Our People


The Rosebank School Board of Trustees is made up of seven members:

 Five parent representatives

 One staff representative

 School principal

The Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month with the exception of January. Board meetings operate under the Local Authorities Act which means that members of the public are able to attend but do not have speaking rights unless specifically allowed by the Board chair.

Any sensitive information is normally discussed “in-committee” at which point members of the public are asked to leave.


All parents are invited to join the Home & School which provides a link between the school and the community. The Home and School are involved in fundraising ,community and social activities within the school.

The Home and School usually meet on the first Monday of the month in the Staff Room unless otherwise advertised


We encourage parents to help in our school. Notices will be sent home inviting parents to offer their assistance in a variety of ways for differing periods.

 Sports coaching

 Craft Activities

 Camp parents

 Transport

 Syndicate programmes

 Developmental activities