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Living and learning “The Rosebank Way”.

Showing Excellence, Integrity and Respect, developed through Citizenship, Diligence and Enthusiasm.

The current school was developed in four stages:

 1957 – The original “administration” block which consisted of four classrooms and the original office area. This is known as the Administration Block and consists of Rooms 1-4.

 1959 – An additional six classrooms were added in the area to the east of the Administration Block. Two further classrooms were added on after this was completed. This is known as the Library Block and currently houses the school library, the Board room and Rooms 6-9.

 1966 – The school hall was built in the area between the two classroom blocks.

 1972 – Seven relocatable buildings were added to the site. These building now make up Rooms 5 and 10-13 on the northern side of the school and Room 14 on the southern side. The original school buildings are in the process of refurbishment.

The following work has been done since 2000:

 2002 - Remodel of the school hall and the construction of a new administration block and a new kitchen;

 2004 - The construction of two adventure playgrounds within the school;

 2007 - The installation of heat pumps in Rooms 5, 10, 11, 12, 13

 2008 - The remodel of the Library Block, including the construction of a new office and resource room;

 2009 - The renovation of Room 14 from a caretaker‟s work area to a teaching area.

 2011 - Upgrade of the schools ICT infrastructure completed.

 2012 - Junior School upgrade.

 2016- The removal of 2 classrooms from the Senior School

 2017- The building of a new senior classroom and entrance way upgrade