Our Learning

The Rosebank Approach

The advent of the Revised New Zealand Curriculum has meant that the school has structured its curriculum programmes into five broad areas:


The Foundation Area refers to the classroom programmes in Literacy (Listening, Reading, Viewing, Speaking, Writing & Presenting) and Numeracy (Number & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement; and Statistics). The school believes that these areas are the foundation of all future academic success and forms the mainstay of the classroom programme.

Mens Sana

Mens Sana is taken from the Latin phrase 'men sana in corpore sano' (a healthy mind in a healthy body) and is used by the school to refer to areas of the curriculum that promotes a holistic approach to learning. For Rosebank School this includes the following curriculum areas:


Inquiry refers to the part of the curriculum where students undertake authentic investigations into the world around them. This area covers aspects of Social Studies, Science and Technology.


Co-curricular is the area where the school and community overlap. Some activities that occur outside of the school‟s regular instructional hours such as sport link naturally back to school programmes. Co-curricular recognizes the importance of knowledge that takes place away from the school programme and acknowledges the power of these authentic learning opportunities.

Learning Support

Learning support recognises the need to meet student learning needs with a range of programmes that occur outside of the regular classroom instruction. Students who fit the criteria are placed in the Learning Support programme which covers such areas as:

Other Opportunities

Triple X (Gifted and Talented)

Focus (Additional Support)

Maths Support

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Australasian Academic Competitions

South Otago Music and Arts Festivals

South Otago Interschool Sports Competitions:

Otago Mathletics

Rippa Rugby, Hockey, Super 8 Cricket, Cross Country, Athletics, Quadrathon

International Languages Week

Japanese Language and Culture

Otago Science Fair

Piano and Guitar Tuition


Visual Arts Tuition

Two student representatives

Student Council

Participation in the STAR award scheme

Student Librarians

Physical Activity Leaders