Our Vision and Values


Valuing the Individual, Striving for Excellence

Our vision emphasises how we value every individual student, inquiring deeply into how we can support each of them to strive for excellence in both academic learning and citizenship. Striving for excellence is about supporting our students to be the best they can be in all fields of endeavour.


The core values that Rosebank staff and students value, promote and celebrate are:

Excellence - Hiringa

Integrity - Ngakau Tapatahi

Citizenship - Whanaungatanga

Respect - Whakaute

Diligence - Pukumahi

Enthusiasm - Ngākaunui

These values are woven through the fabric of school life. They are modelled by staff, deliberately taught to students and recognised as part of the Student of the Week programme. Our aim is for these values to become stable and long lasting character traits within each student as part of "The Rosebank Way"

Ethic of Care

Underpinning our vision and values is a strong emphasis on kindness and caring. This is evident on both our staff and student culture. The following kindnesses will be an integral part of "The Rosebank Way", creating a kind and caring community that promotes wellbeing for all stakeholders.

Caring Kind: caring about each other - fits with our values of respect, integrity and citizenship.

Community Kind: being a community participant - fits with our values of citizenship, respect and enthusiasm.

Environmental Kind: caring about our environment - fits with our values of citizenship , respect, diligence and enthusiasm.

Achieving Kind: hitting our goals - fits with our values of excellence, diligence and enthusiasm.