Our Vision

Valuing the Individual, Striving for Excellence

Our students will be known throughout their lives for their ability to:-

 Think creatively

 Reason critically

 Communicate effectively

 Learn enthusiastically

 Lead confidently

Foundational Values & Beliefs

Our Core Values

 Excellence

 Integrity

 Citizenship

 Cooperation

 Diligence

 Enthusiasm

Our Beliefs

We believe the following are important:

 A coherent and continuous Year 1 to Year 8 education

 A balance between academic, cultural, sporting, recreational and social facets of education

 Active co-operation between parents and teachers, and strong participation by both in the development of young people

 An environment where respect and consideration for others are communicated by example as well as teaching.

 A pride and participation within the Rosebank community

 An ongoing commitment to contribute to our Balclutha and South Otago community.

 An international perspective coupled with an authentic understanding of New Zealand‟s national identity

Our Strategies

1. Focus constantly on teaching, learning and best practice.

2. Promote a culture of high expectations together with a belief that an education based on Rosebank's Core Values makes a difference.

3. Offer every student as a full range of opportunities in as many fields as possible.

4. Develop an international perspective and a sense of global awareness as an integral part of school culture.