Behaviour Management

Living and learning “The Rosebank Way”.

Showing Excellence, Integrity and Respect, developed through Citizenship, Diligence and Enthusiasm.

School discipline is based on the following Code of Conduct:

Students and Staff of the School are expected at all times to:

 Do your best and strive for personal excellence

 Be courteous to others and use your manners

Show respect for others including their:

 good name

 feelings

 way of doing things

 property

 ambitions

 person

Show respect for yourself including the:

 way you dress

 way you conduct yourself

 way you work

 respect for the discipline of school life

 way you participate in the school life

Two of our key beliefs are best stated in the following quotations:

 “Please discipline yourself so that nobody else has to” – John Wooden

 “Integrity is doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason” – Nick Tuitasi

To assist our students with their self-management and self-respect, we have defined our code into a range of behavioural expectations.

School Rules

You are expected to:

1. To work to the best of your ability and be proud of it.

2. To wear your uniform correctly and with pride.

3. To be at school on time and properly equipped for class.

4. To respect school facilities, furniture and equipment.

5. To accept the rights of others to be free from disruptions or put downs.

6. To leave strictly alone the property of others.

7. To move carefully inside and around buildings.

8. To protect the school environment.

9. Follow the direction of any staff member

You are not allowed to:

a. Interfere with the learning of others.

b. Wear non-uniformed items to school without permission or explanation.

c. Damage or deface property.

d. Verbally or physically abuse any other person.

e. Use any offensive language or behaviour.

f. Steal from others.

g. Run or play physical games inside.

h. Drop litter or write graffiti.

i. Defy the authority of any staff member.