Behaviour Management

School Rules

You are expected to:

Respect yourself, others and your environment

Work to the best of your ability and be proud of it

Wear your uniform correctly and with pride

Students and Staff of the school are expected at all times to:

  • Do your best and strive for personal excellence

  • Be courteous to others and use your manners

  • Show respect for others including their good name, feelings, way of doing things, property, ambitions and person.

  • Show respect for yourself including how you dress, how you conduct yourself, how you work, respect for the discipline of school life and how you participate in school life.

We expect all staff and students to demonstrate the school values at all time:

  • Excellence - Hiringa

  • Integrity - Ngakau Tapatahi

  • Citizenship - Whanaungatanga

  • Respect - Whakaute

  • Diligence - Pukumahi

  • Enthusiasm - Ngākaunui