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Enrolment at Rosebank School is currently governed by an Enrolment Scheme

with a defined “Home Zone”. Details are available from the school office.

We invite all prospective New Enrolment parents and students to view our school

in action. Please ring the school office to make an appointment to visit our

school. The Principal will also be available to answer any questions you might


Enrolment forms may be collected and filled out at home prior to your child

starting school. These should be brought with you, together with a copy of your

child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation Certificate.

All children enrolling at the new entrant level are able to participate in a series of

school visits prior to starting. This opportunity can be discussed when you visit

the school. Preschoolers generally have 2 school visits per week, 2 weeks before they start

 although this can vary if their birthday falls in the holidays. Tuesday and

Thursdays are the preferred days for school visits and parents are asked to have

preschoolers here by 8.45am, to allow time to meet with a member of the senior management team, 

and to collect them at 10.40am.

Please bring your child to the school office on their first day. For the first few

weeks parents of new entrant children often find that they are happier to be

brought to the classroom and collected from the classroom at the end of the day

until they are confident enough to walk into school themselves.